What are the less conspicuous improvements you could make to your home that in fact are the real basis for it being sound, safe and secure? Refurbishing your home can indeed increase its value. Some figures suggest a new conservatory can deliver a return of over 100% in terms of adding value. But this is not the whole story. Older properties, built before 1970, can still have lead water pipes. Therefore, what can water mains replacement do for your home and its value?


The Basics

You might want to ask yourself whether it makes sense to look at the basic utilities of your home first, when it comes to refurbishment. Water mains replacement might just be essential. This might be down to having lead pipes, or pipes that are simply too old to be up to the job of serving a modern household.

For example, large Victorian terraces fitted out with more than one bathroom, serving a busy family, might struggle with a reliable water supply if there are simultaneous demands for water.

Older pipework is more likely to have deteriorated and therefore give rise to leaks. Something else you definitely don’t want if you are going to the trouble of refurbishing and redecorating your home.


A Belt and Braces Approach

Before considering other plans for refurbishment, modernisation or decoration, think about your water supply and if it needs modernising. Get the basics sorted out first and the rest can follow.

We can provide your property with a modern water mains replacement that’s fit for the demands of a contemporary home.

We’ll replace your old pipework with new, durable, plastic pipes. We can help ensure you have a consistent, efficient water supply that’s safe for your family. Real home improvement is about far more than what you can actually see and at Pipeline Services, we provide a dedicated, professional water mains replacement service.