Water Mains Replacement



Using the latest trenchless technology our water mains replacement service is quick, efficient and cost effective.  Using pneumatic power we can accurately bore underground channels without the need for large scale excavation and the new pipe work can be pulled through with ease.  Not only does this reduce the labour and equipment costs associated with traditional trench excavation we also avoid the disturbance of driveways, gardens and patios.  We simply require a small number of entry and exit pits to launch the pneumatic equipment in the ground and then boring takes place horizontally between the excavations.

Your replacement water main will run from the property boundary up to the connection inside your house.  This will provide you with a continuous, seamless supply of superior durability and with none of the risk of lead contamination.

We will provide a complete service that takes you effortlessly through the installation process.  Your enquiry will be handled expertly and efficiently and for those United Utilities customers’ seeking lead renewal also includes the completion of all necessary forms.   Our replacement service consists of site risk assessment, installation, reinstatement and connection.  Upon completion Pipeline Services will sign off the work and you will receive a WIAPS (Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme) Certificate.

Pipeline Services continues to be at the forefront of technology for replacement supply pipes and we are confident you will be pleased with the results.

o you need a new supply pipe?

You may not have considered replacement water mains as something you must have, but there are plenty of sound reasons to take this step:

1). You may have a lead supply pipe, running from the common pipe in the street, into your home. If you have, then you could be at risk from lead contamination in your domestic water supply.
2). Older supply pipes can be less reliable affecting your water pressure, and more likely to suffer leakage and deterioration over time.
3). If you fit out your home with a new combi boiler, it will only work efficiently with the right water pressure – having an old water main might therefore hinder how efficiently your boiler performs.

Experience improved water quality, cheaper energy bills and optimum water flow then please call Pipeline Services today to speak to our dedicated team.

Behind the scenes home improvement

Making your home a better place to live in isn’t just about the things around that you can see around you. If you want to be sure you’re getting the most out of a new bathroom or kitchen, you must make sure your water supply is as up to date and reliable as the rest of your home.

We can help improve your home

We’re experts in water main replacement and we can ensure that your water supply is fit for your home. We work quickly and cleanly, minimising disruption to you, but ensuring that you have durable, plastic pipework supplying your water.

Make sure your home is as good as it could be, contact us today for details about a replacement water main.

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If you would like to experience improved water quality, cheaper energy bills and optimum water flow then please call Pipeline Services today to speak to our dedicated team.



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