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Lead Pipe Replacement

Lead Supply Pipe Replacement for Safe and Healthy Water Supply

Welcome to Pipeline Services, your trusted provider of lead supply pipe replacement solutions. We understand the importance of ensuring a safe and healthy water supply for your property. With our expertise and industry-leading services, we can help you eliminate the risks associated with lead pipework.

Lead Pipe Replacement

Why Replace Lead Supply Pipes?

If your property has below ground lead pipe, it’s crucial to invest in having your lead pipes replaced to prevent water contamination and protect against potential health risks. You may be wondering is it safe to drink water from a lead pipe? Even though water companies treat the water to reduce lead concentrations, microscopic particles can still dissolve into the water when it remains stagnant in these pipes. Complete elimination of lead cannot be guaranteed.

Determining if Your Property Has Lead Water Pipes

Determining whether the existing water supply to your property is a lead water supply pipe is an essential step if you are considering improving your water quality by having your lead pipework replaced. If your property was built before 1970, there is a possibility that the underground service pipe connecting your boundary to the kitchen tap may be made of lead.

Our Recommended Checks:

lead pipe replacement

Pipe Inspection

Begin by examining the pipes located under the kitchen sink and the one that rises up to the internal stop tap. If your stop tap is not in the kitchen, check other areas such as a cellar, downstairs toilet, or garage.

Scratch Test

Conduct a simple scratch test to identify the pipe material. Use a coin or a key to carefully scrape the surface of the pipe. Lead pipes will have a dull grey colour on the outside, and when scratched, they reveal a shiny silver surface. Additionally, they produce a distinct dim sound when tapped. It’s advisable to check multiple areas as there may be a combination of different pipe materials.

Lead Pipe Replacement - Lead Water Pipes

Note: Unless there are records confirming an upgrade, the incoming supply pipe is likely to be made of lead, even if some pipes have been changed internally. Properties built after 1970 are unlikely to have lead service pipes.

Choose Pipeline Services for Lead Supply Pipe Replacement

At Pipeline Services, we prioritise your safety and well-being. Our team of experienced professionals are ready to assist you in replacing your lead supply pipes with modern, safe alternatives. By utilising our lead supply pipe replacement service, you can eliminate the risks of lead contamination and ensure a reliable water supply for your home, regardless of whether currently your potable water is from a single or common supply pipe.

Lead Pipe Replacement

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable team. We will assess your specific needs and provide expert guidance on the best solution for replacing your lead pipework. Rest assured that our services comply with industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing a high-quality and durable replacement.

Protect your health and the health of your loved ones by taking proactive measures to replace your lead water pipes. Choose Pipeline Services for reliable and efficient lead supply pipe replacement solutions.

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1. Test Your Water: Contact your local water supplier or a certified laboratory to have your water tested for lead. This will help determine the level of lead in your drinking water and assess the urgency of the situation.

2. Consult with Experts: Reach out to professionals such as Pipeline Services who specialise in water supply services and lead pipe replacement. They can provide guidance on the best course of action based on the test results and your specific circumstances and will assist you with the lead pipe replacement scheme run by the water companies

3. Explore Funding Options: Investigate available grants, funding schemes, or government programs that can assist with the cost of replacing lead pipes. We recommend contacting your local water company or check their website for information on any financial assistance programs on their lead replacement scheme.

4. Engage a Reputable Service Provider: If necessary, hire a professional service like Pipeline Services to replace your lead pipework. They have the expertise and equipment required to carry out the replacement safely and efficiently.

5. Regularly Flush Your Pipes: Until the lead pipes are replaced, it is recommended to flush your water system by running the tap for a few minutes before using water for drinking or cooking. This helps remove any stagnant water that may have come into contact with the lead pipes.

6. Consider a Water Filter: Install a certified water filter specifically designed to remove lead. This can provide an additional layer of protection while the lead pipes are being replaced.

Remember, the health and safety of your household should be the top priority when dealing with lead water pipes. By following these steps and seeking professional assistance from companies like Pipeline Services, you can effectively address the issue and ensure a safer water supply for you and your family.

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