Some people raise this question on DIY forums when considering repairing their own pipework. The assumption is that as lead is officially not good for drinking water, should you then be allowed to repair existing lead pipes without replacing them?

While it is true that no houses built or modernised in the UK since 1970 should contain lead pipes, this doesn’t mean that existing lead pipes if leaking would be automatically replaced by legal requirement.


Lead pipe replacement is, ultimately about choice, your choice.


Motivation for Modernising Your Pipework

Plumbing isn’t always the thing people fix first in a home. If it’s functional, then the perceived disruption might be enough to put a stop to any plans to replace it, even if the property itself is undergoing refurbishment.

The problem is, old pipework may simply be a problem waiting to happen. Older pipework can be narrow, damaged to deterioration and therefore, less likely to remain reliable.

Symptoms of pipework in need of attention may include noisy pipes, persistently reduced water pressure, cloudy water and damp patches.

The question then is one of whether it’s worth gambling with the water supply, and possibly with your family’s health, by not taking action for lead pipe replacement.

Lead pipe replacement should, in fact, be seen as a long term investment. By replacing old, lead pipes, you’re ensuring your property’s infrastructure is reliable and also that you have a safe water supply coming in to it.


Check then Book Us In    

It’s worth checking if you have lead pipework in your property. This is a simple process, whereby you find the main water supply pipe, usually under or behind the kitchen sink and have a good look at it.

The pipe is made of lead if it’s unpainted and appears dull in colour. You can also try scratching at the surface with the edge of a coin. If it seems soft, and reveals a shiny, silvery layer, then it is lead pipework.

You can, of course, get someone to look at it professionally, just to be sure.

The process of replacing your old, lead pipework is quick, efficient and cost-effective. If you book us in, we’ll arrange to inspect your property and conduct a thorough, preliminary risk assessment.

When we commence the lead pipe replacement work we will use trenchless technology. This means we drill strategic boreholes through which we pull your new, plastic pipework into position.

This minimises disruption to your property, while enabling us to complete our work within a relatively short period of time. Giving you a fully modernised water supply and the reassurance that comes with it.


Contact Pipeline Services today and find out how we can help you with your water.