Burst and blocked pipes can be a real headache for householders. The combination of colder winter weather and the holiday season, whereby people are away, leaving their houses vacant, can be lethal when it comes to accidents involving water pipes. The Financial Ombudsman Service reports that this is frequently an area where issues with home insurance arise.

The Financial Ombudsman Service has case studies of disputes with insurers over the damage caused by burst pipes, arising from what exactly a policy covers in the event of water damage. Sometimes there is a policy clause for escape of water but not for trace and access, thereby excluding any emergency plumbing fees from a final settlement. There may also be exclusion clauses involving the number of consecutive days a property can be left unoccupied if there is a leak from burst pipes.

When it comes down to it, prevention is much better than cure. The issue is simpler for householders if it becomes one of stopping pipes freezing or becoming blocked, rather than having to claim for damages on insurance. There are steps you can take to ensure your pipes don’t freeze, including keeping your heating on when you’re away and ensuring that you don’t have any dripping taps.

At Pipeline Services, we can provide you with the kind of professional support and reassurance to keep your pipes working over the winter. If you’ve got any current problems with your pipework, now is the time to get them looked at. Whether it’s low water pressure or old lead pipes that need replacing; leaking or dripping pipes, we’ve got the tools and the expertise to sort things out for you.

The key to making sure your water supply is working over the winter is to get any problems fixed sooner rather than later, because, unfortunately, they’re simply not going to go away if you ignore them.

Not only do you want to avoid having to haggle with your insurer, you don’t want the mess, distress and inconvenience in the first place. Professional pipeline services will keep your home safe from burst or blocked pipes, without you having to take a gamble on your water supply this winter.