The Importance of Replacement Water Mains

The causes of lead poisoning have diminished over the last 30 years or so. This is mainly due to the fact that lead is not now used in paints, petrol or food containers.   The danger is still real though!  One of the main risks being from tap water.  Properties built pre-1970 may have a lead water tank, or pipework with lead fittings.  This may result in the water supply being contaminated.  At Pipeline Services we specialise in lead pipe replacement, and know the importance of getting this work done.

It’s important to check. So, look out for: –

  • Unpainted lead pipes are dull grey in colour
  • They are often soft and if gently scraped you will see shiny silver metal colour underneath
  • Tapping the pipes with a metal object will produce a dull thud

If these checks suggest that the pipes are lead, then contact the team at Pipeline Services on 08000 654 111 for a free replacement water mains consultation.

Case Study ~ Lead Pipe Replacement

We were recently contacted by a client who found us on a google search (google reviews).  The couple were having a new kitchen installed, and during the removal of the old kitchen they were advised that the house had an old lead supply pipe.

We provided a quote verbally after discussions about the issues, and the work was scheduled in for the following week. The couple were anxious that the installation of their new kitchen wouldn’t be delayed. Arriving on site we were very quickly able to assess the situation and carry out the necessary work. The new replacement water mains supply was routed externally down the side of their home, meaning that the kitchen installation wasn’t disrupted. The client was extremely happy with our service, and the finished project.  They now have lead free drinking water, with a far superior water supply.

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