Impact Moling

Impact Moling

Revolutionise Your Water Supply with Efficient Moling Techniques

Looking for a reliable and efficient solution for installing water supply pipes and gas pipes? Discover the power of our specialized water supply pipe moling service. At Pipeline Services, we utilise cutting-edge technology, such as soil displacement hammers and pneumatic impact moles, to revolutionise the process of installing water supply pipes and gas pipes through trenchless methods.

What is meant by Moling in a Water Supply Pipe?

Moling in plumbing is an advanced trenchless method specifically designed for the installation of water supply pipes and gas pipes. Our skilled engineers employ specialised soil displacement hammers, also known as moles, and pneumatic impact moles. These powerful devices, operated with compressed air, are launched from small excavation points and effortlessly navigate through the ground, displacing soil, even in challenging soil conditions, and creating smooth bore holes in the desired direction. The new small diameter pipes are then carefully aligned and pulled through these bore holes, eliminating the need for extensive trenching and minimising disruption to your property.

Benefits of Water Pipe Moling

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Impact moling is an innovative technique for the installation of water supply pipes used by Pipeline Services for many years. This method utilises specialised equipment operated by a single person, known as an impact mole, to create a bore hole in a straight line through compressible soils from the launch pit to the receiving pit. The impact moling equipment operates through a hammering action, displacing soil and allowing for the installation of a new water supply pipe. This trenchless method minimises disruption to the surrounding area and eliminates the need for extensive excavation.

Impact moling is an efficient and effective solution for installing water supply pipes, including connections to water mains, without disturbing existing infrastructure such as electric cables. With the use of two pits, the launch pit and receiving pit, the water supply pipe can be seamlessly installed, providing a reliable and convenient solution for new installations.

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Experience the transformative power of efficient moling techniques in your water supply pipe and gas pipe installations. Trust our skilled team at Pipeline Services to deliver reliable, safe, and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and unlock the advantages of our advanced moling equipment and trenchless technology for water supply pipes and gas pipes.

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