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Water Mains Replacement

Are you looking to replace your water supply pipe? Pipeline Services are accredited contractors who have carried out work on domestic and commercial properties throughout the North West.


Lead Pipe Replacement

If your property has a lead supply pipe its worthwhile to consider investing in a lead pipe replacement service, as water contamination can occur and may lead to health risks for anyone using water in the home.


Supply Pipe Repair

At Pipeline Services we have the technology to provide the ideal solution to your water supply issues. Our Supply Pipe Repair service is efficient and offers effective, localised repairs to your burst supply pipe.


Pipe Bursts

Here at Pipeline Services when dealing with burst pipes we will use the best and latest trenchless technology making our water mains replacement service quick, efficient and cost effective.


We have developed a trusted reputation and now
carry out a large volume of extensive high level
cleaning for over 90% of our current contracts

Lead Pipe Replacement, Replacement Water Mains & Repairs Stockport

Welcome to Pipeline Services. We utilize the very latest technology and expertise to deliver a first-rate water mains replacement service to a wide range of commercial & residential clients. We can cover the Stockport area and nationwide. In addition Pipeline provides specialist repair solutions and is at the forefront of technology for water pipe replacement. From the largest diameter pipes to those domestic supplies that serve your home. Furthermore for our customers Pipeline Services can adapt to their needs, from an individual solution to a full project management.

Your water supply is our concern – lead pipe replacement, detecting leaks, repairing supply pipes and replacement water mains. A poor water supply is more than an inconvenience, it can cause real disruption and be a health risk and it’s not something you should have to put up with. We provide pipeline services in Stockport, Manchester and across the north of England, making sure all our customers have a safe, reliable water supply.


We set are exceptional standards in addition our quality of service is second to none. Our customers can be assured our team work hard to build an impeccable reputation this is reflected in our ISO registration. We are confident you will be satisfied with the service you receive and the competitive prices we charge. We are proud to deliver fast and efficient assistance 24 hours a day and consistently endeavour to accommodate emergency situations.Pipeline Services are a Water Industry Approved Contractor. As a result we are frequently the preferred choice for lead pipe replacement, diversions and connections.

We serve domestic and commercial customers, delivering a fast, efficient, 24-hour service, and we’re primed for emergency call-outs. We are baesed in Hazel Grove and can cover all over the UK. We can supply the right pipe for the job, whether it’s lead water pipe replacement, fitting a new common supply pipe or laying or diverting a water main.For water main replacement and other vital pipework, we use modern trenchless technology involving precision impact moling. All our work meets full professional standards of excellence; as a Water Industry Approved Contractor we’re ISO registered.We provide an adaptable service for a wide range of clients, large and small. When it comes to water supply work, lead pipe replacement, water mains replacement we want to be your preferred choice. Don’t delay if you’re worried about your water supply, call Pipeline Services 0845 225 5060.


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