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    At Pipeline Services, as a leading supply pipe contractor, we combine our extensive expertise with the latest technology to deliver superior solutions. From precise leak detection on pipelines to efficient emergency call-outs, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of the installation and repair of water supply pipes and water mains.

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    Our extensive customer base is a testament to the quality of our work. We have consistently delivered exceptional services and earned the trust of our domestic and commercial clients across the UK. Don’t just take our word for it – our track record speaks for itself.

    We prioritise customer satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations with every project so that we become the preferred choice for our customers for future pipelines projects. Experience the difference with our reliable and professional services.

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    As one of the longest established water supply pipe companies in the UK, we offer a wide range of services to meet the specific needs of all our customers. Our offerings include lead pipe replacement, water supply pipe installation, leak detection, water mains replacement and laying, and emergency repairs. No matter the size or complexity of the project, we have the skills, resources and equipment to deliver outstanding results.

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    Our Hazel Grove location in Stockport serves as an ideal base for undertaking projects across the UK. With our central location, we can easily mobilise and reach any destination nationwide, ensuring that our services are readily available wherever you are located. Count on our convenient and responsive approach to deliver reliable solutions across the entire UK.

    Pipeline Services

    Water industry approved contractor

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    Operating as supply pipe specialists with years of experienced operators in the field, we have established ourselves as trusted experts in water supply pipe installation and repairs. As a Water Industry Approved Contractor and ISO registered company, we adhere to the highest professional standards, providing our clients with peace of mind.

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    Pipeline Services

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    What is the difference between service pipe and supply pipe?2024-06-18T12:57:34+00:00

    The terms “service pipe” and “supply pipe” are commonly used in the context of plumbing and water distribution systems. While they are related to each other, they refer to different components with distinct functions.

    A supply pipe, also known as a water supply line, is an essential part of a plumbing system that carries fresh water from the main water source to a building or property. It connects the water main, usually located underground, to the internal plumbing network of the structure. The supply pipe is responsible for delivering clean water for various purposes such as drinking, washing, and cooking. It is typically made of durable materials like copper, galvanized steel, or polyethylene to ensure longevity and resist corrosion.

    On the other hand, a service pipe, sometimes referred to as a service line, is a specific type of supply pipe that connects the property’s plumbing system to the main supply line. It is responsible for delivering water from the water main to the building it serves. The service pipe is owned and maintained by the property owner, whereas the portion of the pipe from the water main to the property boundary is usually owned and maintained by the water utility company.

    In summary, the main difference between a service pipe and a supply pipe lies in their respective roles. The supply pipe refers to the larger system that transports water from the main water source to a building, while the service pipe is a specific segment of the supply pipe that connects the property’s plumbing system to the main supply line. Understanding this distinction is crucial for proper maintenance, repair, and efficient water distribution within residential and commercial structures.

    Who is responsible for the water supply pipe?2024-06-18T12:56:12+00:00

    When it comes to the responsibility for the supply pipe service, it typically falls under the ownership and maintenance duties of the property owner. The supply pipe, also known as the water supply line, refers to the segment of plumbing infrastructure that carries fresh water from the main water source to a building or property. It plays a vital role in delivering clean water for various purposes such as drinking, washing, and cooking.

    In most cases, the supply pipe service is owned and maintained by the property owner. This means that any repairs, maintenance, or upgrades required for the supply pipe are the responsibility of the owner. It is important for property owners to be aware of their obligations in relation to the supply pipe service to ensure proper functioning and water distribution within their premises.

    However, it’s worth noting that there may be variations in ownership and maintenance responsibilities depending on local regulations and specific circumstances. For instance, in some areas, the supply pipe service may be owned and maintained by the water utility company up to a specific point, typically the property boundary, while the remaining portion falls under the responsibility of the property owner.

    To determine the exact ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the supply pipe service, it is advisable to consult local regulations and contact the relevant water utility company. They can provide specific information and guidance tailored to the particular jurisdiction and circumstances.

    What is the service pipe in the water supply?2024-06-18T12:55:48+00:00

    In a water supply system, the service pipe, also known as a service line, plays a crucial role in connecting a property’s plumbing system to the main supply line. When it comes to understanding the service pipe in the context of water supply, it refers to the specific segment of plumbing infrastructure that delivers water from the main water source to an individual building or property.

    The service pipe is responsible for transporting the water supply from the main distribution network to the property it serves. It acts as a conduit, ensuring the flow of clean and potable water for various purposes within the building, such as drinking, bathing, and household tasks. The service pipe is typically installed underground and may extend from the water main, which is usually located at the street or curb, to the point of entry into the property.

    The ownership and maintenance of the service pipe often lie with the property owner. This means that any repairs, upgrades, or maintenance required for the service pipe are the responsibility of the property owner. However, it’s important to note that specific regulations and practices may vary depending on local jurisdictions and utility companies.

    Understanding the service pipe is crucial for property owners to ensure efficient water distribution and to address any potential issues that may arise, such as leaks or damage. It is advisable to consult local regulations, seek guidance from plumbing professionals, or contact the respective water utility company to obtain accurate information regarding the service pipe and its maintenance within a specific area.

    Is it illegal to cut off someone’s water supply UK?2024-06-18T12:55:12+00:00

    In the UK, it is generally illegal to cut off someone’s water supply without a valid legal reason. The water supply to a property is considered an essential service, and interfering with or disconnecting it without proper authorisation can have legal consequences.

    Water supply in the UK is regulated by laws and regulations to protect consumer rights and ensure access to clean and safe water. Water utility companies are responsible for providing a continuous supply of water to their customers, and they have obligations to maintain and repair the supply pipe service up to the property boundary.

    The responsibility for the supply pipe service beyond the property boundary typically lies with the property owner. However, cutting off the water supply is usually only permissible under specific circumstances, such as emergency repairs or non-payment of water bills.

    Utility companies and property owners must follow established legal procedures to discontinue or restrict the water supply for valid reasons. These procedures often involve providing proper notice to the affected party, offering opportunities to address any outstanding issues, and following appropriate legal channels.

    If someone’s water supply is wrongfully cut off or disconnected without valid reasons or without following the correct legal procedures, it can be considered illegal, and the responsible party may face legal consequences.

    To obtain detailed information on the specific legal framework and regulations concerning water supply and disconnection in the UK, it is advisable to consult relevant laws and regulations, contact local authorities, or seek legal advice when necessary.

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