What if big brother isn’t watching you? Even in an age of post-privatisation of utilities we often think of “them” as being a large body somewhere responsible for keeping everything ticking over. To an extent this is true. The big utilities companies have certain responsibilities around water supply and maintaining the infrastructure. But some responsibilities are your own.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are things you will have to pay for if you want them to change, but on the other hand, the control is in your hands. There aren’t faceless bureaucrats conspiring to stop you. You make the decisions. Which brings us to water mains replacement.

If you have problems with your water supply, or you simply want to replace old lead pipework, your responsibilities as a householder begin where the stop-tap of your supply pipe meets the common supply. In other words, within your property boundary the responsibility is yours.

Whether your existing water mains pipe is burst or leaking, or it’s old lead piping that requires an upgrade, we offer a comprehensive service for water mains replacement. We use the latest trenchless technology to provide an efficient service that limits the amount of disruption caused to your property.

Once we’ve completed out work, your domestic water supply will through pipes manufactured from long lasting, medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) instead of lead.

It may feel like a lot of responsibility, but once you’ve made the decision for water mains replacement we’ll do all the hard work, including a full assessment of what you will require, so that when it comes to doing the work, we can carry it out with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience to yourself and your property.

The decision is in your hands – let us help you upgrade your water mains supply.