It’s a great thing to do, modernising your home, giving it that extra something by bringing out unique features and adding a real individual touch. But sometimes it’s the stuff you can’t see, that really needs the most attention. This can be true of your plumbing and lead pipe replacement.


Time for Change?

There are lots of useful recommendations out there for home improvement, from building extensions and converting lofts to fitting new kitchens and bathrooms. There are also lots of smaller touches you can try, to really accomplish something on a budget.

Examples include fitting new stair runners, adding skylights, replacing hall tiles and replacing your existing fireplace with something more substantial.

But however cost effective, these changes can be really offset by poor plumbing. However striking and elegant your home looks, if it doesn’t function at its best, it’s something that can really take the shine off how it feels to live in.

You might suffer from low water pressure or an interrupted water flow, or even find you have lead contamination. This is more likely to be true of older properties, built or modernised before 1970, which can still have lead pipework.


Taking Action

The internal pipework in your house might not be lead, but the connecting pipe, from your property to the common supply in the street, could be. So even if you’ve laid copper piping in your modernised bathroom, you could still be at risk from lead contamination. Infants and children are particularly at risk.

Regardless of risk, replacing your old pipework makes sense as an essential part of modernising your home. Just as you wouldn’t want to rely on a defective boiler, or erratic electrical wiring, so your plumbing should be a priority.

We can test your supply pipe and we can replace it using trenchless technology. This involves us using a technique known as impact moling, whereby we drill holes through which we pull the new pipework into place.


This saves on labour and on disruption, and is a cost-effective way of lead pipe replacement. Why not ensure that your modernised home is fully safe and functional, and call Pipeline Services today?