Your water supply shouldn’t feel competitive, but if you’re finding that the water isn’t flowing freely throughout the house, then it can feel like it is. Say you’ve got two bathrooms upstairs, one of which is an en suite, and a nice kitchen downstairs, where the family eats – when you can get everyone together at one time. But what’s this – you can only run one tap at any one time, or you just get a trickle? Maybe it’s time to look a getting a replacement water main.


What’s Wrong With Your Water Flow?

The cut-throat competition for showers and toilets isn’t a pretty sight on a busy weekday morning.

You’ve checked your stop-tap and it seems to be properly turned-on. But it could be your supply pipe that’s the problem. If it’s old, with a diameter that’s quite narrow, and if it’s also made of lead, then it’s time for a change.

Older pipes can also be prone to deterioration, which in turn affects the flow of water into your property, and the larger your home, the harder your supply pipework has to work.


How Easy A Problem Is It To Solve?

The thought of having a replacement water main installed can fill people with horror. It sounds like a lot of work, and a lot of disruption, with water supplies being shut off, excavation trenches dug, and muddy boots traipsing around the property.

In fact it’s pretty clean and efficient. Modern impact moling techniques mean that we can expertly drill boreholes around your property, and then use them to pull the replacement pipes into place. Don’t be put off by thinking of the potential inconvenience: we can minimise the disruption and leave you with modern, medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) pipework.

Consider investing in your family’s future comfort and wellbeing. You want your home to have a modern, reliable water supply and having a replacement water main may be the best way of ensuring this.