According to United Utilities, a third of properties in the North West built before 1970 have some lead piping. Although the idea of lead pipework may seem antiquated, it is in fact fairly commonplace.

You might have some lead pipework inside your home and, crucially, a lead supply pipe, leading from the common mains. So, should you consider getting a replacement lead water pipe for your property?


What Are the Risks of Lead Water Pipes?

Lead is toxic, but it’s also been a widely-used substance, from children’s toys to electronics, and, of course, plumbing. The small amounts that can contaminate drinking water can also have a detrimental effect on health over time.

Short-term effects include a metallic taste, sickness and abdominal pain, loss of appetite and kidney and liver damage. The long-term effects of lead poisoning additionally include anaemia and headaches, tiredness and irritability.

Children and pregnant women are most at risk.

The Government recommends that we all minimise our exposure to lead.


What Should You Do if You Have Lead Pipework?

Obviously the key thing to consider is replacement lead water pipes. But in the meantime there are certain things you can do to help minimise the risk of lead contamination.

  • Lead gathers in standing water, so each morning run the water from the cold tap in the kitchen. This will flush out the standing water. Also, flush the toilet, for the same reason.
  • For drinking and food preparation, only use water from the kitchen tap to avoid the risk of contamination from lead.
  • To be sure of your drinking water, used bottled water
  • Don’t rely on boiling water first – this does not remove lead content.
  • Don’t knock or disturb your lead pipes – this can increase lead contamination.

The team at Pipeline Services specialises in lead pipe replacement. We’ll come and inspect your pipework, confirm what’s made of lead, and provide you with details about replacing your old lead pipes with new, durable plastic pipework.

We use a technique known as impact moling, which involves drilling boreholes through which we pull your replacement pipes into place. This is an efficient, cost effective means of completing the work, while minimising the amount of disruption to you.


You don’t have to put up with the risk of lead water pipes. Contact Pipeline Services and we’ll sort out your water supply.