You have a lovely garden well tended and cared for. But you’ve been advised that your property requires water mains replacement. You may have heard stories about the sort of disruption involved, with large trenches being dug across your lawn. In your mind’s eye you have images of people in muddy boots tramping all over your flowerbeds and digging up large amounts of soil and mud. You’re imagining the worst.

What if we told you that you don’t have to put up with this kind of mess? What if water mains replacement could be hassle-free?

At Pipeline Services we use the very latest technology to complete water mains replacement work. We can save on time, on cost, on manpower and, crucially, on mess and disturbance to your property.

We use impact moling for our work. Rest assured, this doesn’t involve highly trained, small furry mammals being sent down holes. Impact moling is in fact pneumatic technology that allows us to bore, or drill, underground. This does involve some displacement of soil, but nothing like the disturbance caused by digging trenches. Once we’ve created our boreholes, we can pull the replacement pipework through them and into place. This is a far quicker method for laying pipe than traditional trench work.

Your new pipe work will be medium-density polyethylene (MDPE). This is a safe, hard-wearing material designed to last. Once it’s plumbed in and the boreholes have been filled, you’ll hardly know the work ever took place.

If you think you need water mains replacement, call Pipeline Services today. We can arrange to visit you and do a thorough assessment of what work you’ll need. We’ll spell it out for you clearly, including a thorough advance risk assessment. The important thing to remember is that this work doesn’t have to involve a lot of disruption and the anxiety that goes with it.