Are your water pipes faulty? Do you have trouble with low water pressure, or persistent leaks? Are your pipes noisy? If you have old pipework this can lead to contamination and interruptions in your supply.

Water mains replacement can be essential for ensuring you have a safe and reliable domestic water supply.

Damage and Deterioration

Fixtures age over time. The foundations of a building can gradually shift, putting pressure on the runs and joints in the pipe network, loosening them. This can then cause leaks from the water mains.

Changes in climate and water pressure can affect sensitive pipework – in winter, freezing then thawing pipes can become damaged; and if the water flowing through them has unregulated pressure this can cause a certain amount of damage. Older, metal pipes can accumulate damaged inner surfaces over time.

If you have a property built before 1970, it may still have lead pipework. This means that not only is the pipework old, and therefore prone to damage, but it may also be a source of contamination of your domestic water supply.


What You Can Do

For a water mains replacement within the boundary of your property, the responsibility is yours. This pipe carries the water from the common supply pipe into your home.

This may sound like a big undertaking, but in fact it can be accomplished quickly and efficiently without causing major disruption to your property.

Get the right professional help and advice. Pipeline Services specialises in water mains replacement.

What We Do for You

We use pneumatic technology for replacing water pipes. This means that if you commission us to replace your pipework, we can do it without causing a lot of fuss and mess. You don’t have to worry about deep excavation trenches running across your garden or lots of muck everywhere.

Our method is called impact moling, where we drill boreholes into the ground. These holes are what we then use to put in place your new water mains replacement pipework.

We cut down on the hassle and you benefit from new, durable plastic pipework, ensuring that you have a water supply you can rely on.

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