There are a number of reasons you might require a water main replacement, and one key one is if you have an old lead supply pipe leading from the common mains into your property.

Lead pipes are a potential health hazard, and their age can mean they are unreliable and prone to deterioration.

In order to replace your water main we use trenchless technology. This allows us to carry out the work while minimising disruption to you and disturbance to your property. The technique is impact moling and what follows is a summary of how it works in practice.


What Does Impact Moling Involve?

Moling limits the amount of ground disturbance involved in replacing old pipework with a new water main. The mole that does the digging is a small, pneumatic burrowing device.

We first have to dig a small entry pit for the mole, which is about one metre square and one metre deep. We also dig a destination pit, of around the same dimensions. This will be at the point where the underground pipework will meet the supply pipe leading into the property.

If the actual supply pipe is lead, then this will need replacing with a modern plastic pipe.

The mole is sent down the entry pit and burrows horizontally until it reaches the destination pit.

This means we avoid having to dig a long excavation trench along your garden, because the mole does this work for us, underground and out of sight.

Once we’ve completed the impact moling we can pull your new plastic pipework into place, connecting it to the common supply at one end, and your own supply pipe at the other.


Feel the Benefits

This entire process is designed to save on disruption, but also on time and labour. It makes the business of water main replacement extremely cost effective for us, and we can pass this saving on to our customers.

And importantly, once you’ve got your water main replacement, you’ve got peace of mind, knowing that your water supply will be both safe and reliable.

Make sure your water supply is right for you and contact Pipeline Services today.