You can be exposed to lead through dust, soil, dirt, the air and in your water supply. Lead has had widespread commercial and industrial use, including water mains connections, and pipework inside properties.

There is considerably less exposure to lead now when compared to the mid-1960s – restricting its use in petrol, for example, has limited its airborne transmission. Houses built or modernised in the UK after 1970 should not have lead pipework, but older houses may still have lead water pipes.

How Can Lead Affect You?

Lead can build up in your body over time, though it is most harmful to young children, babies and pregnant women – in children, lead has been linked to impaired mental development and behavioural problems.

Infants and young children absorb more lead than adults.

The symptoms of acute lead poisoning may include abdominal pains and vomiting, and irritability, listlessness and feeling unsteady on your feet. Acute lead poisoning normally comes with inhaling or ingesting large doses of lead and is not the same as having a raise level of lead in water. However, it does illustrate that lead is poisonous, and you should minimise your contact with it as much as possible.

Water suppliers have been running schemes throughout the UK to replace lead supply pipes. However, the supply pipe within your property is your responsibility.


Check and Replace Your Pipework

You can check if you have lead pipework by looking at the supply pipe running beneath or behind your kitchen sink.

If the surface appears dull, or feels soft, for metal, then it is likely to be made of lead. You can gently scratch the surface with the edge of a coin. If it reveals a silvery layer underneath, you have a lead supply pipe.

A replacement for your lead pipe is straightforward. We use industry-standard polyethylene pipes that are hardwearing and safe when it comes to your water supply. Drilling strategic boreholes, we can pull your new pipes into position while avoiding disruptive excavation work.

It’s not worth the risk living with lead. Protect the environment you and your family spend time in and call Pipeline Services today for a replacement for your lead supply pipe.