We like our appliances. They feel like an essential part of improving our homes. From combi boilers to dishwashers, power showers to instant boiling water taps.

But all these things require a reliable water supply, especially if you are in a household where several people will want to use water at the same time.

If you find that your appliances are not running as you would expect them to, it could be that you need a water mains replacement.


Combi Boilers and Water Pressure

Combi boilers now account for over half of all boilers in the UK. They are immensely popular because they are efficient and save on space. You do not require a hot water cylinder, and the combination (hence the name) of water heater and central heating boiler makes for a reliable way of providing all your heating needs.

These modern boilers are also often cheaper and quicker to install.

However, a combi boiler requires that the water main is large enough to deliver enough water to it for it then to function properly while other outlets are in use, such as taps, toilets and washing machines.

This cold water feed is essential, and while you may have sufficient mains pressure, the condition of the pipework may affect your water flow. In other words, do not confuse water pressure with water flow. This may mean you need to check your water main.


The Pipework Solution

If you upgrade your water supply pipe, you can then ensure you get the best possible flow from the main supply in your street.

The supply pipe within your property is your responsibility, which means you must make the arrangements for your water mains replacement. We can do this work on your behalf, replacing your old pipework with new, plastic pipework that is made to last.

We use a method known as impact moling, which makes the whole process quick while minimising disruption to you.

With impact moling, we use pneumatic technology to strategically drill boreholes on your property. This means we do not have to dig extensive excavation trenches on your land.

Once we have drilled the boreholes, we use them to pull your new pipework into position, and then connect you up to the common supply in the street.

We keep in close contact with you throughout this whole process, so that you are always aware of how the work is progressing, and that you can rest assured that you won’t be facing any hidden costs.

The modern household requires a modern, safe and reliable water supply. Our replacement water mains work will give you this. Contact Pipeline Services today.