There may be a number of reasons why you need to replace your existing water main pipe, from having an old lead supply pipe to damaged or deteriorating pipework that is affecting the quality of your domestic water supply. Once you’ve made the decision to have a replacement water main, how are you going to get the work done? 

Can You Do the Work Yourself?

There’s nothing stop you replacing your own water main, if you’re confident you have the right skills and know-how. However, it is likely to be a messy and time-consuming job.

If you’re fine with digging then that’s good, because there’ll be a lot of it – excavating a large trench in your garden in order to replace your water main.

You will also need to ensure you’ve got all the right materials to hand to complete the work. This includes plastic piping, stop taps, sealing material, ducting, insulation and sand. You also will need to check in advance that your ground conditions will be okay for excavation.

You’ll also have to excavate from within your property to connect your internal pipework with your replacement water main.

You need to be clear about any other connecting services running alongside or close to your water main, including gas and electricity – if you damage or disrupt these then your work could have far more costly implications.

The weather can be another factor, because you don’t want your newly dug excavation trench filling with rainwater, so make sure you’re going to hit a dry spell.

Finally, when you’ve completed the work, you’ll have to wait for the local utility company to come and sign it off.


Save yourself a lot of time, effort and worry and arrange for professional replacement water main work. This involves efficient and cost-effective trenchless technology, where we drill strategic boreholes and pull the replacement pipework into place.

The work is fast and minimises disruption and disturbance to your property, and we guarantee it’s to a high professional standard, ensuring you’ll have a safe, durable water supply long into the future.

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