Sometimes winter can seem very long and cold. It puts a lot of pressure on plumbing systems, with burst pipes and boilers running flat-out to meet household needs. So when spring finally turns a corner, should you act now and choose replacement water pipes?

Why Your Pipes Could Need Replacing

The main reason you should think about replacement water pipes for your
home is if your original pipe work is lead. Homes built before 1970 may have
lead water pipes.

A simple way to check is to look in or behind your kitchen cupboards. Now look at the pipe leading to the kitchen tap. Lead pipes have a dull grey look, and if you scratch at the surface the metal beneath is shinier and silver-coloured. Lead pipes feel soft. You should check along as much of the pipe’s length as you can.

What Are the Health Risks?

If water is left standing in lead pipes, very small amounts of lead can dissolve in it. Current EU regulations say that there should be no more than ten micrograms of lead in a single litre of tap water. Exposure over time to lead contamination
in drinking water can be harmful to your health, even if the amounts of lead present seem very small. Children are especially susceptible to the long-term lead poisoning.

What Should You Do?

Act now. The water supply within your property’s boundary, from the mains stop tap in the street, is your responsibility. Take advantage of the milder weather and have replacement water pipes installed. You should also consider the future reliability of your water supply: older pipes are more likely to get damaged and deteriorate. This increases your chances of leaks and reduced water pressure in the home.

What Does it Involve?

Replacing your water pipes is less disruptive than you might think. Trenchless technology, involving the pneumatic drilling of boreholes, means that having replacement water pipes is cost-effective without being disruptive: it means you avoid the need for conspicuous excavations across your property.

At Pipeline Services, we’re experienced in all aspects of replacement water pipes. We’ll come and inspect your property, thoroughly assess it for risks, and carry out our work on your behalf with the minimum of fuss and mess.

Contact us today for your pipeline peace of mind.