What makes life comfortable? It might be your home, your furnishings, even your electronic devices and your car. For some people it’s their friends and family. But for most of us we have a certain level of expectation when it comes to comfort, and although we might not think about it, utilities are a big part of this. So if your water supply isn’t up to scratch, how comfortable are you?

The Evidence

If you’ve got a burst or leaking mains pipe then clearly you need to replace it. You might find your water pressure is persistently low, or have noticed a damp area on your lawn or driveway even when the weather is dry. If your pipes are noisy, this can be another sign that all is not well.

The other thing to check for is lead pipework. If your property was built, or modernised, before 1970, you could still have lead pipes. You can check for this by examining the pipework leading to the kitchen sink, and if it seems soft, or easily scraped away to reveal a bright, metallic surface, then it’s made of lead.

Your Responsibilities

You would expect to have to pay for a water mains replacement within your property boundary. This runs from the mains stop outside, whereas the utilities company serving your area is responsible for the communication pipe beyond the stop tap, providing your water mains connection.

Here choice can be a good thing, because it means you’re in control of the decision for your water mains replacement. The best thing to do is get the professionals in. This way, you won’t have to worry about the work.

At Pipeline Services we’re experts in all aspects of replacement pipework. We specialise in replacing old, lead pipes and providing our customers with safe, strong, reliable plastic pipework that’s made to last.

We use modern trenchless technology methods, which minimise the disruption and contain the costs involved. You’ll come out of it with a new water mains and the knowledge that in this aspect of your lifestyle, things will be more comfortable from here on in.