When we read about water mains upgrades and replacements in the news they are frequently large-scale infrastructure projects costing millions of pounds. A recently completed £5m water mains upgrade in Dundee is one such example.

What you might not realise is that water mains replacement can be something undertaken by individual households for a number of reasons.


Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for your water. This means that within your property boundary, where the stop-tap of your supply pipe meets the common supply in the street, you make the decisions about your water.

Like other aspects of your household, such as maintaining the boiler and central heating, having a reliable, safe water supply is crucial. Most of the time we can, thankfully, take our water supply for granted, but what happens, or should happen, if this is not the case?

You may have problems with your water pressure, or noisy pipework, or even water that looks, or even tastes, out of the ordinary. The responsibility to take action is your own, but the good news is that you can arrange to have this work carried out by professionals without it costing you the earth in terms of both money and disruption.


Reasons for Water Mains Replacement

Homes in the UK built before 1970 may still have lead pipework. If your supply pipe is made of lead, you should think about replacing it. Lead poses a health risk from the potential of contaminated water, particularly to children over a period of time.

Older pipework is also prone to deterioration, which can result in leaks, reduced water pressure and other supply problems. If you are interested in ensuring your home is at its best, then you shouldn’t overlook its basic infrastructure and utilities. Water mains replacement can be an important step in fully modernising your home.


How It Works

Despite the news stories about major utility work involving large-scale excavations and big money, your domestic water mains replacements can be accomplished with the minimum of fuss, in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

We use modern trenchless technology techniques for our pipework replacement schemes. This means we drill strategically placed boreholes in the ground through which we can pull the new, replacement pipework into place.

This state-of-the art approach means we don’t have to dig extensive excavation trenches on your property, meaning that there’s a lot less mess and general disturbance, and that we can complete the work quickly.

The end result is that you’ll have durable, polyethylene pipework replacing your old lead water mains, providing you with a water supply you can rely on.

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