Say you have an elegant home with a nice wide, well-tended driveway. On the surface it all looks fine, even enviable. Everything fits together nicely, from the materials to the textures used. However, there’s a missing element to all this upkeep: the water supply. Despite appearances, this property is in need of water mains replacement.


Decision Time

When you bought this property, one of its attractions was how it looked, and how well looked-after it appeared to be. This is true, apart from one crucial aspect: lead pipework. It’s an old property, and much of its modernisation occurred before 1970, which is probably why, when you’ve checked, the pipework is still made of lead.

So now you have a decision to make: you haven’t had any immediate plans for work to your home, but now you have to think about water mains replacement. What kind of disruption might it involve, and do you have to weigh this up against the possible health risks of continuing to have lead pipework?

Would your decision be easier to make if you knew that this work might involve far less disruption than you imagined?


Trenchless Technology

Modern techniques for replacing lead water main pipework now mean that bringing the water supply pipe up to date doesn’t have to be a problem or cause undue disruption to your property.

We use a process known as impact moling. This involves us drilling strategically placed boreholes on your property. Once this work has been completed, we can pull the new pipework through them and into position.

This method is extremely cost-effective in terms of time and effort, and it minimises disruption: no need for us to dig excavation trenches in order to put in replacement pipework.

So consider again your attractive property with its distinctive original features. How much better will it feel to you once you know you’ve updated the old lead pipework so that the house has a water supply to match its pristine appearance?

We can accomplish this without making a huge mess and causing disruption. Won’t this make your decision about water mains replacement that much easier?