How exposed are you, and your family, to the dangers of lead poisoning? Lead poisoning comes from the building up of lead in the body from exposure to small quantities over a period of time. It can give you headaches and abdominal pain, and be the cause of fatigue. You may have lead traces in your water supply if your home has lead pipework. In this instance, you might seriously consider having replacement water pipes.


Which Pipes are Your Responsibility?

Your supply pipe runs from the common supply in the street to your property. This is your responsibility, within your property boundary. If your house was built before 1970, there is a chance that this supply pipe will be made of lead. There are relatively easy ways of checking to see if your pipes are lead.


Check the service pipe in Your kitchen. This is usually under or behind the kitchen sink. Unpainted lead pipes are dull grey in appearance. The pipe has a soft surface, which, if you scrape gently with the edge of a coin, will reveal a silvery metal colour underneath. Other plumbing fittings such as pipe joints may also contain lead. If you’re at all unsure, seek professional advice.


The Benefits of Lead Pipe Replacement

If you want reassurance about the quality of your drinking water, choose lead pipe replacement. We will replace old lead supply pipe with a strong, modern, efficient, plastic service pipe.

There’s also a benefit in how we carry out the work. We use modern trenchless technology, which means we minimise the disruption to you, while keeping the cost of the work down, in terms of time and manpower.

For replacement water pipes, we drill underground holes through which we then pull the new pipework into place. This means we don’t have to dig extensive excavations on your property, thereby containing the mess and inconvenience to your household.

Don’t gamble with your family’s health when it comes to your domestic water supply. Contact Pipeline Services today and let us take the right action to ensure your water supply is safe.