Some people find the sound of water relaxing. But not when you can hear it inside your house and you don’t know where it’s coming from.

As a general rule, if you don’t normally hear your pipes or water supply making a noise, then if something changes, you really should get it looked at. Take this situation for example: in your house you become aware that you can hear the sound of water all the time.

It’s not quite a hiss, and it isn’t the sound of water running. It’s more a kind of hollow noise, like when you can hear a tap half turned on. This insistent noise begins to dominate your waking hours. But there’s no conspicuous sign of damp, or water damage. So you’re not sure if it’s a leak.

So you try turning your taps on and off throughout the house. You try turning the mains supply on and off. You spend a lot of time trying to trace your pipe network, from the boiler in the kitchen, along the landing. Wherever there appears to be a pipe, you can hear the noise.

The thing is, your house is old, and your pipework is old. And even if you can’t spot a leak there might still be one. You might not have noticed a drop in your water pressure or anything obvious like that, but something’s definitely going on.

So, if you can’t see anything, but you can hear something, what should you do next? Are you going to take up your own floorboards to check, maybe dig an excavation hole outside, because it looks like some more detailed detective work is required?

You could just leave it and hope for the best. But that’s not really a solution is it? And you’re taking a chance that just because you can’t see that there’s anything wrong, everything will be alright.

In fact, it’s more likely that you’re storing up problems for later if you don’t act now.

Your best answer? Call in the experts. We’re Pipeline Services and we can sort it out for you. We’re professionals in all aspects of pipework, including water mains replacement. You want your pipes to pipe down? Come to us.