Water mains replacement doesn’t particularly sound like a minor job does it? In fact it sounds pretty big and potentially disruptive. Well, okay, it’s not exactly effortless for us, because we’ll have the work to do, but it could be effortless
for you.

This is how.

It goes right back to when you call us in and we inspect your pipework and your property and come up with a solution. The first thing we do is offer you our professional reassurance.

The next thing we do is plan our work. That’s something else you won’t have to worry about. We’ll ensure that we keep disruption to a minimum, and we’ll always check with you first regarding our access onto your property, and when you want us (or don’t want us) around.

Then it’s all down to our hard work and our state-of-the-art kit. We use trenchless technology when it comes to installing your new water mains supply pipe. This involves a technique called impact moling where we bore, or drill, strategically placed holes. The disruption to the area is contained. So you won’t have to worry about your flowerbeds or your lawn turning into a mudbath.

Once our boreholes are in place we can pull your replacement pipework through them and get it into position. Then we tidy up the area and the main part of our work is complete.

All that remains is to reconnect and test your water supply. Then we’ll issue you with an industry-approved certificate for the work we’ve done and there you have it. Water mains replacement, peace of mind and no extensive excavations. Now that does sound effortless.

Pipeline Services specialises in water mains replacement, lead pipe replacement and all kinds of pipework. We believe in commitment to the total project, taking on your work, and addressing your concerns, from the very beginning to the completion of our tasks to the highest professional standards.