On a day-to-day basis your pipework is not probably a priority. However, when something goes wrong, then your plumbing becomes something really important, because your home suffers when something you rely on goes wrong. So how can a water mains replacement protect your home?


What Can Go Wrong With Your Water Supply?

There are various things that can indicate that your pipework needs looking at. These include: persistently low water pressure, leaking pipes and noisy pipes. Also if you have old lead pipework you should consider having it replaced.

Now you might feel you’re able to live with some of these issues for a time, but in the end, your household depends on a safe, consistent, reliable water supply. How much are you willing to put up with, when you could have these issues sorted out? If you want your home to be a comfortable place to live in, then sorting out any water supply issues should be a priority.


If you’re unsure about any aspect of your water supply, including whether or not it’s something you’re responsible for, we can help.


Pipeline Services and Water Mains Replacement

We can look at your property’s pipework for you, and detect and diagnose any faults and weaknesses. You may still have lead pipes, if your property was built or modernised before 1970. This is something we can check for you and, if necessary, recommend the best course of action for water mains replacement.

We use the most up to date technology to do our work on your behalf, and we specialise in trenchless technology, which allows us to replace pipework while minimising disruption to your property.

We protect your property while undertaking the work, ensuring that any mess or inconvenience is restricted; and when our work is complete, you’ll have the long-term protection of safe water supply from reliable, durable plastic supply pipework.

Don’t put off something as fundamentally important to your home as a modern, safe water supply, contact Pipeline Services today.