What does environment mean to you? Is it something you read about on the news, or see stories concerning it on the television? The environment is where you live, and protecting your environment should be as important for you and your home as it is for worldwide reasons. Lead pipe replacement may be one key way of doing this.

What’s Up With Lead?

Basically, lead is poisonous. That’s why we have unleaded petrol. It’s also why any houses built or modernised after 1970 is unlikely to have lead pipework. However, older houses may still have lead pipework, and while this does not mean you’re automatically exposed to lead poisoning, it does increase the chance of your domestic water supply becoming contaminated. Is this a risk you’re willing to take with your health and that of your family?

Another source of lead in drinking water can come from the illegal use of lead-based solder to join up copper pipework. Along with smaller pipes being made of lead, this can cause there to be higher than safely recommended levels of lead in your domestic water supply.

What Can You Do About It?

Replacing your lead water pipes may be up to you. The water company’s responsibilities end at the stop valve on the communication pipe – you have responsibility for the supply pipe that feeds your property. In other words, if you think you have lead pipework then it’s up to you to arrange to have it replaced.

There are actual advantages to this: the decision-making is firmly in your hands; and you can choose the right contractor to carry out the work for you based on the level of service offered.

The important thing is that the work itself is carried out to the highest professional standard with minimum disruption. We can do this using modern trenchless technology. The clue is in the name: rather than having to dig extensive trench excavations, we drill strategically placed boreholes, through which we then pull your replacement pipework into place.

The result will be industry standard polyethylene pipes, built to last and to ensure that your home environment, when it comes to your water supply, is lead-free.