Do you sometimes feel like you’re competing for water pressure? Sometimes in homes there’s a sense that there’s not enough water pressure to go around. If you try and run more than one tap at a time and all you get is a trickle, then it can feel frustrating. You may have tried turning the stop-tap but with no noticeable improvement, but have you thought about whether you could do with lead pipe replacement?


How Old is Your Supply Pipe?

Older supply pipes may be made of lead, and may also have a narrow diameter. They can also suffer from deterioration. All these can be contributing factors in restricting your water flow. You only become aware of how dependent you are on the convenience of your utilities when they don’t function as well as you think they should. You should, however, keep it in mind the fact that you do have options.

The supply pipe on your property is your responsibility, but this means you can decide to take action for yourself to improve your water supply. First check to see if you’ve got lead pipework – the supply pipe running to your kitchen sink may be a dull appearance, and feel soft to the touch, and if you scrape its surface you’ll see a shiny, metallic under layer.

What’s the Next Step?

Give us a call. You’d be surprised at how efficient modern lead pipe replacement is. We won’t be turning your property into a major excavation site, because we use modern trenchless technology to replace your pipework.

Essentially we drill boreholes at key points. Once we’ve done this, we can use the holes as access points for pulling through replacement pipes and securing them in place.


Instead of old, lead pipework, you’ll have state-of-the-art, medium-density polyethylene (MDPE). More importantly, you shouldn’t have the same issues with your water pressure, so no more competing taps.