If you’ve decided that you want to replace the lead supply pipe that provides your property with water what’s your next step? It probably feels like a big job to get underway, but the best way of tackling it is to be systematic in finding out the facts and taking decisions.

First things first, who pays for the work? Normally you would be expected to pay for any replacement pipework within your property boundary. This extends from the mains stop tap outside. Your lead supply pipe will run from the communication pipe in the street. The utility company has responsibility for the communication pipe but not your supply pipe.

Next you will need to consider who to contact to do the work to replace your lead supply pipe. There are keen individuals who are happy to research and undertake this work themselves. This is certainly not for everyone, and if you’re not a professional then it’s likely to be messy, drawn out and not without potential complications.
If you don’t like the idea of getting involved and digging up your property to replace and lay your own pipework, why not consider getting the right kind of professional help?

With modern trenchless technology, replacing pipework can be accomplished without large excavations being carried out. Using a technique known as impact moling, holes are bored into the ground through which new pipework is pulled into place. The whole process saves on digging trenches and minimises disruption.

At Pipeline Services we provide a fully comprehensive service to replace your existing lead supply pipe. We will thoroughly assess your site in advance of any work and supply you with a comprehensive quote, including risk assessment. Our work will then involve a full installation of your new supply pipe and the reconnection of your water supply.

Don’t delay, contact Pipeline Services today for the most convenient and efficient replacement lead supply pipe work.