It sounds like a big job doesn’t it? Water main installation is obviously something not to be taken lightly, but it can be done with far less cost and mess than you might think. You might be wondering how much digging up of your garden or driveway this could involve, and how expensive it’s all going to be. But rest assured, using the latest pneumatic power techniques, we can complete the work in an extremely cost-effective way that causes little disruption.

What are the reasons you might have for needing a water main installation? These can range from new builds or refurbishments requiring a fresh connection to older properties having their lead pipework replaced. The important thing to know is that regardless of the reason for needing a new water main, modern methods mean that this work no longer has to involve a great deal of disturbance to your property.

Older methods for water main installation involve digging trenches. Trenchless technology means this can be avoided and instead requires the drilling of strategically located bore holes through which the new pipework can be pulled into place. This technique is known as impact moling.

Pipeline Services is a company specialising in water main installation and lead pipe replacement. We provide expert, professional pipe installation using trenchless technology. Our service covers all aspects of this work, from a preliminary site inspection and full risk assessment, to the installation itself and the reconnection of your water supply. We use industry-standard plastic pipework, which is durable, flexible and built to last

Once we’ve signed off the completed installation and restored water supply, we’ll ensure you receive industry-approved certification for the work.

So, how easy is it to have a water main installation? Leave us to take care of the details and it really is easier than you think. Get in touch with Pipeline Services today and find out for yourself.