Are you concerned about how safe your drinking water is? One of the key requisites to a healthy life is a safe water supply, free of contaminants. The basis of this comes from national standards or international guidelines.

Some people in the UK choose not to drink tap water. This is usually because of the chemicals used to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. These can include liquified chlorine, aluminium sulphate and calcium hydroxide.

However, UK drinking water is generally of the highest standard. People in the UK can turn on their taps knowing they have a safe, clean water supply.

UK and EU standards are based on World Health Organisation (WHO) advice, and follow the EU Drinking Water Directive.

There can be exceptions to this general level of safety though – either where there have been incidents in the supply of water, or, more commonly, because of supply pipes made of lead.

While many water authorities have been busy extensively modernising supply networks to rid them of lead pipework, people’s individual water supply can still come via lead pipework.

 If this is the case, you should consider replacement water pipes.

 When Do You Need Replacement Water Pipes?

 Lead was once far more common in our environment. With a widespread use in everyday items such as petrol, paint and water pipes.

During the 1970s, less and less lead came to be used as laws prohibiting its application came into force across Europe.

In the UK, houses built before 1970 may still have lead pipework, whereas properties built after this date do not.

If you live in an older property, you may be at greater risk of lead contamination in your drinking water for this reason.

Generally, we’re not talking high levels of lead, but there could be enough to

put infants and young children at risk, as well as pregnant women.

Where would this lead pipework be in a property? It may be that part, or all, of the service pipe connecting your property to the mains supply in the street is made of lead.

This piece of pipework, falling within your property boundary, is your responsibility, not that of the water utility company.

Act Now

If you are unsure about your pipework and think you might need replacement water pipes, act now.

We can replace your mains supply pipe with modern pipework techniques that minimise disruption while being extremely cost effective.

You want peace of mind about the water you and your family are drinking and using in your home. Contact Pipeline Services today and find out how we can help you.