How important are pipes to you? If you’re not a plumber then they probably don’t rank very high on your list of priorities on a day to day basis. Except, of course, when something goes wrong. Then plumbing becomes the most important thing, because when something is not right with your home’s pipework, you become all too aware of how reliant you are on it.

Persistently low water pressure, leaking pipes, noisy pipes, old lead pipework – these are all things that can affect you. Some of them you might be able to live with for a time, but households are dependent on a safe, consistent, reliable water supply. Having the right pipework is essential to making your home a comfortable place to live in

We can assess your property’s pipework for potential faults and weaknesses. If your home was built before 1970 you may have lead pipes. We can check this for you and recommend the best way for you to have safe, modern replacement pipework installed.

We’re experts in our field and we believe in applying the most up to date tools to the task. We specialise in trenchless technology, which means when we come to replace your pipes we can do it without digging up large amounts of your garden or driveway. Instead, we bore holes in key locations through which we can then pull the replacement pipework into place.

At Pipeline Services we’re committed to ensuring that your home has the right pipes and a reliable water main connection. If you’re unsure about any aspect of your water supply, including whether or not it’s something you’re responsible for, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Not only do we protect your home by installing fresh pipes, but we also protect your property during the course of the work we undertake, ensuring that when it’s all over, you can quickly get back to your normal lifestyle.