You have a large family and you’re all living in a Victorian terrace. It might not be happy families exactly but you all get on more or less, as families do. You’ve got two upstairs bathrooms and a second, downstairs toilet. You have one kitchen. There’s this one thing that’s really causing problems and it’s the water flow throughout the house.

If you try and run more than single tap at any one time all you get is something not much more than a trickle. First thing in the morning with kids going to school and college and you and the wife working, things can get a bit hairy. Tempers fray as the competition for showers and toilets really heats up. So the apparent rationing of your water supply really isn’t helping matters.

You’ve checked your stop-tap and it’s turned on properly, but what about your supply pipe? If it’s old, made of lead and its diameter is on the narrow side, it’s likely to be the source of your problem. You may also have issues with the supply pipe deteriorating due to age.

Fortunately, lead pipe replacement can be accomplished with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency using modern trenchless technology. This involves us drilling boreholes through which to pull the new pipework. We can replace your old lead pipes with modern, dependable medium-density polyethylene (MDPE).

You only become aware of how dependent you are on the convenience of modern utilities when things aren’t functioning as well as they should. However, keep it in mind that you don’t have to be stuck with a substandard domestic water supply. By choosing lead pipe replacement you’re investing in your own future comfort and security and, hopefully, seeing off at least some of those family squabbles.