Sometimes it’s only <strong>after</strong> you’ve experienced change that you realise how important it has been. After change you can compare what you now have with what you had before. You can find this with your <strong>water supply</strong>: you might be more likely to put up with old, unreliable pipes simply because they’re out of sight. But once you have a <strong>water main replacement</strong>, you’ll notice the difference.

Tackle the Basics First

Home improvements are a way of adding value to your home. Of course, making it more comfortable for you to live in. But is it worth your while tackling the less visible, less glamourous things first? You might live in a lovely old house but what if your water supply is <strong>unreliable</strong>, or even <strong>contaminated</strong> with lead?

Make a water main replacement your priority. If your property dates to before 1970 you may still have a lead water supply pipe. If your pipework is old, it is more prone to deterioration and damage, leading to leaks and interruptions in your supply.

How Can You Benefit from Water Main Replacement?

These are the benefits of having a water main replacement:

<li>removes the risk of lead contamination in your drinking water;</li>
<li>ensures your supply pipe is leak-free by removing old pipes with old joints;</li>
<li> improves your water flow with durable plastic pipework;</li>
<li>you can save energy because any appliances you use that are dependent on your water supply will benefit from this improved flow.</li>
It all adds up: you get a healthy, reliable water supply using state-of-the-art plastic pipes; you eliminate the possibility of lead contamination and you improve the flow of your supply, helping your household and improving your home.

At <strong>Pipeline Services</strong>, we use modern trenchless technology for water main replacements, which means we carry out the work quickly and efficiently while minimising disruption to you.

Replacing your water supply doesn’t have to be a daunting undertaking. Contact Pipeline Services today to see how we can improve your home.