If there was one thing we could change instantly at Pipeline Services it would be the removal of all lead pipes in all domestic, commercial and industrial properties in the UK!  The use of lead in pipework was banned in 1969 – and with good reason. Known health risks being one of the major factors.Why would anyone risk their health, and the health of their family?

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Lead from the pipes can dissolve into the water supply to your home, which can be extremely harmful if it builds up the lead toxin levels in your body. It can also affect the development of babies and young children.

Most people bury their head in the sand due to fear of the cost implications, disruption to their homes and family life. It isn’t as expensive as people think, and it won’t cause any unnecessary disruption or damage to your garden, patios or driveways.

Get in touch with our team today and talk to us about the affordability of lead pipe replacement work.  You may even fall under the lead replacement scheme guidelines!  We can talk you through this, and everything you need to know about why we advocate every home has lead pipe replacement work.

At Pipeline Services it is our mission to help as many home owners and commercial property owners as possible to have lead pipe replacement work carried out.

If you know you have lead pipes, then it is imperative that you have them checked regularly and seriously consider having lead pipe replacement work undertaken. The cost does not have to be prohibitive with our innovative trenchless techniques.

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Pipeline Services are accredited contractors, offering a professional service for all your domestic, commercial and industrial projects. We are based in Manchester and offer 24/7 nationwide cover.  Our highly qualified engineers have vast experience in all aspects lead pipe repair, service and replacement. We operate to industry regulated guidelines and are fully insured. Our industry accreditations speak for themselves.

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