You get used to the water pressure in your home and what to expect from it. It’s something you normally take for granted. However, water pressure can vary and some of the reasons for this will be due to things you can’t control. For example, if you share a supply pipe with other households, water pressure will drop when demand across the various houses sharing is high.

Sometimes when your water pressure drops, and is persistently low, there can be reasons for this within your property’s boundaries. Firstly, check your stop tap. If for some reason it hasn’t been turned properly on then your pressure will be lower than it should be. Then there may be other reasons, most seriously to do with deteriorated or leaking pipework.

Leaks from pipes will result in a reduction of water pressure. Leaks inside the home might be easiest to spot, with resulting discolouration where water is coming through, or a smell of dampness. But if the leak is where your water mains pipe is located outside then this may be harder to detect. Sometimes it’s a case of spotting damp areas on a driveway, or greener patches of lawn.

To suffer low water pressure you don’t have to have a leaking pipe If the pipes in your house are old then they can deteriorate, become corroded and end up restricting your water flow.

For this sort of deterioration, as with leakages, Water Mains Replacement is the solution.

If your water pressure is persistently low it is advisable to get it checked. If, for instance, it is the result of a leak, the longer you leave it the worse it is likely to get. This can result in damage to your property, from damp inside to subsidence in the foundations.

At Pipeline Services we have a range of detection techniques to find out what is causing low water pressure. And we have a dedicated team of professionals on hand to provide you with the right kind of help, including water mains replacement.