You can let certain things slip, or simply live with them for a certain amount of time; but when it comes to your water supply, there’s only so much you and your family can, or should, have to put up with. It’s important to know that when it’s time for your home’s water mains replacement, how the job is done will make all the difference to you.

When Do You Need Water Main Replacement?

Have you got persistently low water pressure? Do the pipes make noises, such as hissing, when you’re running water? You might notice damp patches on your driveway or in your garden that are unrelated to the weather.

If you’ve checked your stop tap’s properly on but the water pressure remains low, it could mean you have damaged or leaking pipework. If the pipework has become corroded over time, it can impede the flow of water, even if the pipes themselves aren’t actually leaking.

Also think about the age of your property. If it was built or modernised before 1970 it may still have lead pipework.

Check the service pipe in your kitchen. This is normally found beneath the sink. Now look at the pipe leading to the kitchen tap. The outside of a lead pipe is soft and you can gently scrape it away to reveal a shiny, metallic surface. It’s advisable to get any lead pipework upgraded to help ensure you have an uncontaminated water supply.

Water mains replacement doesn’t have to be complicated, providing you’re clear about what you have to do to make it happen.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

The utility company covering your area responsible for the communication pipe in the street and provides your connection to the water main. If the pipework requiring replacement is within your property boundary, then the expense will be yours. The property boundary stretches from the mains stop tap outside, carrying water from the communication pipe in the street.

How Can You Make it Happen?

The easiest course of action is to seek professional help. At Pipeline Services we specialise in water mains replacement, along with other aspects of pipework. Our state-of-the-art trenchless technology involves us drilling strategically placed holes, which then allow us to pull your replacement pipework into position. This avoids the need for us to dig excavation trenches, making it a cost-effective and tidier way for us to replace your water mains.

If you want a modern, safe, reliable water supply to your home, contact Pipeline Services today.