If your home or business premises is in need of water main replacement, then you need to contact the team at Pipeline Services. We offer a guaranteed fully insured service and use the latest trenchless technology. This technology provides a quick and efficient replacement service, which is also cost effective. Our staff and engineers have the training and experience to ensure that you get the best advice and solution for all your water main replacement needs.

There are many reasons that it may be necessary to look at having water main replacement work undertaken, such as-

Suffering from low water pressure

If this suddenly happens the issue may be with your provider. Check with neighbours or on line to seek advice on local notifications to see if this is affecting others locally. If this is on-going and specific to you then you will most certainly benefit from water main replacement work. Don’t suffer – get in touch.

You Have old lead, copper or steel pipes and want to replace

The use of lead piping has been banned due to the health implications. Check out our recent articles about the importance of water main replacement relating to lead piping. If you’re unsure if you have lead piping, we can also help you find out.

Have continued leaks

Climate change is a big topic and the hot summers are making water supplies scarce – something we take for granted! Don’t ignore the leaks around your home / offices! Did you know that around 20% of water is lost before it reaches homes?  Get in touch with us to discuss water main replacement / repairs to your water supplies.

Looking to upgrade before laying a new driveway, or having a new extension

If you are intending to spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds, on a new driveway or extension then it would be extremely wise to arrange for your main water supply connections to be checked. Having any water main replacement work done prior to cosmetic / building work being carried out could save you a lot of heartache and money!

If in doubt give Pipeline Services a call – T. 08000 654 111.

Pipeline Services offer a professional service for all your domestic, commercial and industrial projects. We are based in Manchester but can offer a nationwide service.  Our highly qualified engineers have vast experience in all aspects of water main replacement, water main repair, lead pipe replacement and investigation work.  We operate to industry regulated guidelines and are fully insured. Our industry accreditations speak for themselves.

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