The old and the new: how much to keep and how much to update? House refurbishments follow fashion and these days it’s all about original features. At once time people were gleefully ripping out old Victorian fireplaces, skirting boards and interior mouldings. Now these things are highly valued. But beneath the decorative features there are original elements you may feel less attached to.

Older houses are more likely to have lead water pipes. This might not be the actual internal pipework of the house, but rather the connecting pipe, from the property to the common supply in the street. There are health risks associated with coming into prolonged contact with lead, and this is particularly true for infants and children.

There is also the possibility that older pipework will be prone to damage and deterioration. Frequently people encounter issues with their water pressure and these can be traced back to inadequacies in their main supply pipe.

Water main replacement, therefore, is worth considering as an essential part
of modernising your home. Think of it this way: you could have the most beautifully renovated house on the street, but if the actual workings of the water supply are defective, and possibly damaging to your health, it’s not going to count for much.

You wouldn’t want to put up with a defective heating system in your home, or obsolete electrical wiring, so why not make sure your water supply is safe, modern and reliable?

Here at Pipeline Services we’re specialists in water main replacement. We use the very latest trenchless technology, which means we keep our costs down, and we can minimise disruption to your property when we’re carrying out the work.

Your home is somewhere you want to feel comfortable in and proud of. We know this, which is why we take pride in the service we offer. Call us today.