You may want to consider water mains replacement when you’re planning on getting a new bathroom. Modern bathrooms depend on reliable water pressure, it’s that simple. If your water pressure is not sufficient, then your new bathroom won’t be working the way you want, or expect, it to.

How Water Pressure Works

Low water pressure is a common complaint, and with more and more bathrooms, kitchens and combi boilers dependent on water pressure, it can have a significant impact, beyond being simply inconvenient.

Water pressure is the amount of force required to get water through the mains into your pipework. This pressure is variable, from property to property, and can change at different times of the day, and may be different for different rooms in a property.

However, generally where your property is in relation to the nearest water supply – a reservoir for example – determines how strong or weak your water pressure will be.

Also, uphill flow is weaker, so a home on a hill will usually have lower water pressure than one lying in a valley.

The other big effect on water pressure is demand. Often, between peak hours in the morning, for example, you’re likely to experience weaker pressure as more people get up and have showers or baths.

You can test your own water pressure. Take a large, litre-measuring jug, put it under your kitchen tap, have a watch ready. Time six seconds with the water on.

Take the amount of water you have in the jug after turning the tap back off at six seconds.

Multiply this amount by 10. This will give you your flow-rate in litres per minute.

A flow rate of under 10 litres per minute is low. 10 to 15 litres per minute is within a normal range. Over 15 is good.

What to do About Low Water Pressure

Ensure your stop tap is fully open. The pressure level of a combi boiler should be no lower than the statutory minimum of one bar – pressure is measured in bars, which is the amount of force required to push water up to a height of 10 metres.

You can add things like a shower pump to increase pressure, but you may need to check your supply pipe. If it is old and made of lead, this will affect your water pressure.

Then the best solution is for a water mains replacement. This involves replacing the lead pipework with durable, plastic pipes. Nowadays, using trenchless technology, this work is quick, cost effective and with minimal disruption.

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