If you’ve made the decision to get replacement pipework for your lead supply pipe, what action do you need to take next? This may seem like a big undertaking that could be potentially disruptive, but it’s best to be systematic about it. You’ll find it’s a lot more straightforward than you might think.

Who Pays for the Work?

This is obviously a crucial question, and normally you would have to pay for replacement supply pipe within the boundary of your property. This boundary extends from the stop tap on the communication pipe in the street into your property. Your local utility provider takes responsibility for the communication pipe, but the responsibility for the supply pipe is yours alone.

So, if you’re paying for the work, how do you go about finding someone to carry it out? While there are people willing to do this work for themselves, but you should only take this route if you really know what you’re doing and you’re willing to put up with any mess or complications.

Call in the Experts

The right kind of professional help in replacing your pipework can save you a lot of time and trouble and is well worth investing in.

We can carry out this task using trenchless technology, which is an extremely cost-effective approach to replacement pipework. Our method in laying fresh pipes is known as impact moling. We drill strategic boreholes through which we can pull pipework into place.

This method means we avoid extensive ground excavations, and therefore disruption to you and your property.

This is part of our comprehensive service for replacing lead supply pipes. Give us a call – we’ll assess your requirements and give you a fully explained quote, including a risk assessment in advance of any work. We then install a replacement supply pipe made of durable plastic and we reconnect your water supply.

If you’re considering your next steps in replacing your lead supply pipe, contact Pipeline Services. An efficient, expert service with the minimum of fuss.