Frequently it’s the case that you don’t realise how something needed changing until the change happens, when you can compare the new to the old. This is particularly true of infrastructure like pipework. Because they’re hidden, we’re more apt to put up with pipes that aren’t really fit for purpose. Until they go wrong, of course.

It’s worth considering whether, when it comes to home improvements, you should be looking at the less glamorous, less visible things first. You might have a beautifully fitted out and decorated Victorian mid-terrace, for instance, but if your water supply is erratic, or even contaminated, it will, ultimately, have an effect on your quality of life. Which is why water mains replacement should be a priority.

Properties built before 1970 in the UK can still have lead supply pipes. There are health implications to having a lead water main supply, and also an increased likelihood of disruption to your water supply through damage and deterioration.

So, what advantages are you likely to see, and experience, if you have a water mains replacement?

Firstly, you will eliminate the risk of lead contamination in your domestic water supply. Your new plastic supply pipe ensures this.

Secondly, you’ll have the reassurance that you’ve removed the opportunity for leaks to occur through deterioration of your old pipes and joints.

Next, you’ll improve your water flow. New pipes are made from flexible plastic but are also strong and long-lasting, and they can facilitate an increased water flow of 10% or more.

This, in turn, can save you energy. Whatever water-dependent appliances you have may now be more efficient because they are receiving a noticeably improved water flow through your new, replacement pipes.

When you add it all up – a healthy water supply, secure pipework, increased water supply flow and energy savings – it makes sense to look at your old pipework and get it upgraded.

Pipeline Services are experts in this field. We’re happy to inspect and advise, so that you get the best out of your water supply.