We take for granted clean drinkable running water, flushing toilets, hot showers and long steamy baths. These aren’t seen as luxuries any more – they are ‘necessities’ and it’s only when the plumbing fails that we realise just how much we rely on them.

Piping and pipe connections can fail for many reasons: age, lack of maintenance, adverse cold spells, incorrect installations, and faulty parts. This is why it’s so important to look at replacement water pipes, and ensuring you carry out regular checks and maintenance.

That’s where Pipeline Services come in. We are a leading expert in replacement water pipes, service, maintenance and repairs.  Knowing the pipe material used in your home or commercial premises isn’t something most people (if anyone) would consider – but it is important. Materials have different life-spans and depending on when they were installed might mean they’re reaching the end of their life. You may just be waiting for a burst pipe to happen!

Look at having a home or commercial property appraisal on your plumbing and get professional advice to see if everything is in order, or if you will need replacement water pipes.

Signs to look out for which may mean that you need replacement water pipes in your home or commercial property: –

  • Pipe cracks and or corrosion
  • Wet baseboards, particularly behind sinks, dishwashers, baths etc.
  • Dripping sounds that you can’t find
  • Unusual staining on flooring, or floors warping
  • Low water pressure; this could be a blockage or trapped air
  • Damp patches

All the above can be avoided if regular checks are made and replacement water pipes are fitted as soon you notice anything amiss, – before a major issue happens. If you are having any home or commercial property refurbishment work carried out this is a great time to consider replacement water pipes, even if there is no damage indicated. If the piping isn’t PVC (which can last indefinitely) then we would suggest you seriously consider replacing them.

Interesting facts –

  • In 1829 The Tremont Hotel in Boston was the first hotel to have indoor plumbing
  • The first ‘flushable’ toilet was invented by John Harington, who gifted this to his aunt – Queen Elizabeth 1.
  • The worlds’ oldest water pipe was made from bamboo (206BC-220AD)
  • The word ‘plumbing’ comes from the word plumbum, which is Latin for lead and why lead is Pb on the periodic table.

Not just any old replacement water pipe company! We’re geeky enough to love the trivia too.

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Pipeline Services offer a professional service for all your domestic, commercial and industrial projects. We offer a 24/7 nationwide service.  Our highly qualified engineers have vast experience in all aspects of replacement water pipes, water main repair, lead pipe replacement and investigation work.  We operate to industry regulated guidelines and are fully insured. Our industry accreditations speak for themselves.

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