We’re not always the first to identify a problem, but we can be the right people to solve it.

Sometimes customers will first approach a local plumber due to issues they have with their water supply. However, when it comes to specialising in replacement water pipes, that’s our speciality. So, plumbers recommend us to their customers to carry out the work.

Local recommendations are important to us, because they reinforce that fact that while we cover a wide area, we serve local communities.

A Safe, Reliable, Local Water Supply

Recently this happened. A local customer was concerned with the quality of his water supply. He was eager to change it as quickly as possible.

Older properties, built or modernised before 1970, may still have lead supply pipes. This is the mains supply running from a property’s boundary into the home.

Whereas utilities companies look after the common supply in the street, the supply within a property’s boundary is the property owner’s responsibility.

So, this customer contacted his local plumber for advice. The plumber had a look, confirmed it was an old lead supply pipe and gave the customer our contact details.

With worries about the potential of contaminated drinking water, and with a water supply that had a poor flow due to the condition of the lead pipework, getting the job done quickly became a priority.

How We Work

Using state-of-the-art trenchless technology, we can dig into the ground and replace old, lead pipework quickly and efficiently, and with the minimum of disruption.

Trenchless technology involves a technique known as impact moling. A mole is a small, pneumatic device that can burrow its way into the ground using a hammer motion.

This percussive effect means the mole is highly accurate, with the underground working area confined to the mole’s point of entry and exit, so no large trench excavations are involved.

We then pull the replacement pipework into place through the strategically drilled holes.

In this case, we could complete the replacement water pipe work within a day, and within three days of the original referral.

The result is one happy customer with improved water flow and a superior water supply that’s lead-free.

If you want replacement water pipes quickly and efficiently, contact Pipeline Services.