As the sun sets on the late August bank holiday weekend in the UK, you might not be thinking too far ahead to wet and wintery weather. However, now is the time to consider whether your pipework will be up to the job when winter comes.

Why now? Simply because, while the weather is milder, it’s easier to diagnose pipelines problems and carry out the work to address them quickly and efficiently.

And you don’t want to wait until the worst happens and then need to get things fixed.

Here are things to consider about your pipework, and why you could benefit from water mains replacement.

Hidden Problems

Unless something obviously catastrophic happens, causing water to leak into your home, pipework is often a hidden problem.

However, just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there, and that you might be saving up trouble for later.

There are everyday things like low water pressure and noisy pipes that can be signs of deeper, underlying pipework problems.

Older pipework can deteriorate over time, and then, when cold weather hits, be more likely to burst in freezing conditions.

When water freezes inside a pipe, this make it expand, which can then rupture the surface of the pipe.

If you have a burst pipe, it can spill over 2,000 gallons of water a day. That’s a lot to clean up.

If your pipe freezes, one or more of your taps will stop working. If you check neighbouring properties and they still have their supply, this will mean you have a burst pipe servicing your property.

Water Mains Replacement

This kind of distressing, disruptive problem is avoidable, if you choose a water mains replacement early rather than when burst pipes occur.

The older your pipework, the more prone to damage it will be. Modern, plastic pipework is far more durable when it comes to cold conditions.

The important thing is to get your pipes checked out before winter arrives. And if you’ve had persistent problems with pressure or the reliability of your supply, now is the time to act.

Winter preparedness isn’t about buying a woolly scarf to wear on the journey to work, it’s about securing your water supply.

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