In Flint, Michigan, in the USA, it is now over one year on since officials warned residents to stop drinking tap water because of the danger of contamination from improperly treated water flowing through old, <strong>lead pipes</strong>.

The water had been drawn from the Flint River, and because it was not properly treated it caused the lead pipes carrying it to corrode, thereby causing contamination.

Slow Progress

Since receiving 27 million dollars from the state, the city has struggled to replace thousands of lead pipes. Much of the delay has been down to the complexities of the bidding system to do the work.

But <strong>water mains replacement</strong> does not always have to involve work on such a grand scale, with its consequent complexities.

In the UK, the property owner is responsible for the supply pipe within their own property boundary. This means that you can control the condition of your local water supply by choosing to act and <strong>replace your old pipework</strong>.

Why Have New Pipes?

There are various sound reasons for replacing old, metal pipes. They can deteriorate over time, they may leak and be inefficient in providing a good water flow. If you have a lead water mains then there is a potential <strong>health risk</strong> from contaminated drinking water.

What a water mains replacement offers is peace of mind. A reliable water supply is something most of us take for granted – until the time comes when it is no longer reliable.

<strong>Plastic</strong> has been the choice for pipework in the water industry for many years. It provides freedom from corrosion; if offers a high level of chemical resistance; and it is strong enough to protect against damage through ground movement.

Installing a water mains replacement has never been more cost-effective and efficient. Using the latest <strong>impact moling</strong> methods, we can drill accurate boreholes to pull the new plastic pipes into place, saving on having to conduct disruptive trench excavations.

The wait for many people in Flint may go on, but you can have new, plastic pipework quickly and painlessly. Call <strong>Pipeline Services</strong> to find out how we can replace your lead pipes