You may have excellent water pressure in the area where you live. Unfortunately you’re not benefiting because your existing pipework is, basically, too old to cope.

The water pressure in the mains network is prone to change, sometimes from hour to hour, depending on the amount of use across the network at any particular time. However, the maximum amount of water your own supply pipe can carry may be affected by the pipe’s diameter.

This is when a replacement water main may be a serious consideration.


Modern Boiler Requirements

Modern combi boilers require a minimum level of water pressure to work. Conventional boilers can run on as little as 0.5 bar pressure, but combi boilers typically require more to run effectively, at least 1 bar.

With the reduced diameter of older pipework, sometimes made more acute by deterioration of the pipes, combi boilers may find it difficult to run at their designated peak of efficiency.

For example, you might find only one tap can run hot water at any time, or that if you run cold water taps at the same time as hot water, they run to a reduced pressure.

Bearing in mind that water pressure is variable throughout the day, if it looks like you have a persistent problem, then you should think about a replacement water main.


How Big a Job is It?

Water mains replacement may bring up nightmare visions of large-scale excavations disfiguring your property and garden, but in fact modern techniques and technology mean that we can do the work while minimising disruption and disturbance to you.

At Pipeline Services we use a process known as impact moling. A mole is a small, pneumatic device which enables us to perform a contained excavation through a number of drilled boreholes.

Compared to traditional trench excavation for replacing a water main, it’s fast and cost effective in terms of labour and resources.

Which is to say that you shouldn’t let the anticipation of the work put you off arranging for it to be done. You’ll be surprised how quick and painless it is.

And the legacy to you, is a water supply that can match the capability of your combi boiler, delivering a safe supply at a pressure that will meet the demands of your household.


Don’t put up with substandard water pressure from old pipes – contact us today and let us sort out your supply.