When there’s something wrong with the pipes in your home, you can sometimes hear it. Typically, you wouldn’t expect your water pipes to be noisy, but if they are, it can be quite alarming. What does it mean if you can hear the sound of water in your pipes all the time, even when you’re not running a tap?

It could be the sign of something serious, which might then mean getting a replacement water mains.

The Sound of a Potential Problem

Imagine what you’re hearing isn’t the sound of running water, but nor is it a hiss. It’s a kind of hollow sound, as if you had a tap half turned on. You can’t see anything’s wrong – there’s no damp patch anywhere, or other water damage.

But still, the sound is there, all of the time.

You might try turning your taps on and off, systematically, throughout your house. You might also try turning the mains supply on and off. You could even try tracing your pipe network from the boiler to your kitchen.

The thing is, wherever you find a pipe, you can hear that noise.

Your house is old, built many decades before 1970, with old pipework to match – you even think some of it might be made of lead (you’ve been meaning to get that looked at for ages, before the noises started).

What’s Your Next Move?

You could try taking up the floorboards to try and find out what the source of the problem is, or you could dig excavation holes outside, in your garden. But that’s a lot of work, disruption and mess. And you still might not find out what’s causing the noise in your pipes – or even know what it is if you find it.

You could just try and put up with it, but that’s not the answer, because it sounds like it means something’s wrong. If this is correct, then somewhere along the line it’ll get worse.

The solution? Call in the experts. We’ll diagnose your pipeline problem and see what you need doing, including, potentially, replacement water mains work.

Old pipes wear out, and are susceptible to damage and narrowing of their diameter. This in turn, eventually affects the quality of your water pressure.

Don’t delay until it gets any worse, contact us today and see what Pipeline Services can do for you.