You could, if you wanted to, choose to replace your own pipework. However, this can be very time consuming, and disruptive. The main reason is because you will need to dig trenches to lay your new pipework.

What a pipework professionals can provide, on the other hand, is trenchless technology, which means no digging.

The Demands of Trench Digging

Digging trenches for DIY pipe replacement requires a lot of effort, but also care.

You must be careful about where you’re digging your trench, so that you don’t disrupt or damage existing utilities supplies to your house. These include your existing water supply, your gas and your electricity. Damaging any one or more of these and your whole project could prove a lot more costly and time-consuming.

Your new pipe must be a minimum of 350mm away from any other services.

You’ll also have to make sure the trench is the correct depth and that you line it properly, with sand to form a soft base for your new pipework.

Similarly, once you’ve laid your pipe you must backfill your trench carefully, being sure not to allow any sharp objects or hard bricks or stone near the pipe. it makes sense, therefore, for the first 100mm of backfill to be sand.

The Benefits of Going Trenchless

Having someone professionally replace your water main is a cost effective, and efficient, means of getting the job done. This is because there’s no digging, with, instead, the use of trenchless technology.

At Pipeline Services, our method is impact moling. We use an impact hammer device, known as a mole, to drill strategic boreholes into the ground where we will be installing your replacement water mains.

The force of the hammer motion drives the mole into the ground, where it displaces soil around its shell of sufficient diameter for the pipework to fit.

Pipe or cable is attached to the mole so that it pulls it into place behind it.

Normally we drill two access pits, to help direct the mole accurately. However, two holes means a lot less digging, and disruption, than a trench.

If you require replacement water mains, consider the benefits of trenchless technology. Contact Pipeline Services today and see what we can do for you.