If, for whatever reason, you have decided your property needs replacement water pipes, what are the next steps you must take?

You ought to take a systematic approach to this, because, if you do, you’ll see it’s far less daunting than you first thought.

Who Pays?

That’s a biggie. So, in fact, it’s you. You must pay for any replacement pipes within your property boundary. Your boundary extends from the mains stop tap outside. Your supply pipe runs into your property from the communication pipe in the street – the supply pipe is the bit you’re looking to replace.

If there was a problem with the communication pipe, your utility company would take care of it, but in this case, it’s down to you.

Now you must think about how to do the work.

Who Carries out the Work?

You might be the sort of experienced, keen individual who wants to research and undertake this work for themselves.

If you’re fully prepared, and know exactly what to do, then fair play to you. However, you should be clear what this will involve, because it’s not for everyone.

It involves a lot of digging, and complying with regulations, and knowing what materials you must have to hand.

You could, however, seek professional help. We use modern, trenchless technology, so there’s a bit of strategic drilling, but no digging of extensive excavation trenches.

What We Do

We’ll undertake a full inspection and risk assessment beforehand, and we’ll be completely clear about what work is involved, and how long it should take.

 Impact moling involves us making boreholes in strategic spots, through which we can then drag your replacement water pipes into place. Once they’re in position, we connect them to your pipe network and you’re good to go.

What you’ll have is durable, plastic pipework that will ensure you have a safe, reliable water supply. We carry out all our work to certified, professional standards.

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little fuss and disruption there is. Contact Pipeline Services today to find out more.